CeDInCI has a new headquarters


In 2018, more than 1500 personalities from
the world of culture supported CeDlnCI in its
campaign for a new building ... today

The CeDlnCI has a new headquarters
help us equip it!

The Center for Documentation and Research on Left-Wing Culture: (cedinci.org), is an Argentine ONG dedicated to the preservation, conservation, cataloguing, study and dissemination of the political, social and cultural productions of the Latin American left, from its origins in the 19th century to the present day.

Established in 1998, its Library, Newspaper Library and Archive now presents the largest collection of materials on subaltern cultures in Latin America, thus establishing CeDInCI, within and outside the continent, as an institution of reference and recognized trajectory. After more than 20 years of enormous collective efforts, in November 2021, CeDInCI achieved one of its most crucial desires: a new headquarters capable of housing and preserving its invaluable historical collection.

The Friedrich Ebert Foundation (argentina.fes.de) has granted CeDInCI a new building in the City of Buenos Aires for its operation. It is a three-story house, totaling 800 square meters, which is currently in the process of being painted and refurbished. It will be inaugurated in March 2022.

Today, our challenge is to raise the necessary funds to equip, fit out and move to our new headquarters the great chest of the Latin American left.

Our Goal:
raise u$d 50.000

Collaborate with CeDInCI. Collaborate with those who have been able to shelter, restore and offer to everyone, the long threaded and expensively documented history of culture and the subaltern classes.

Every contribution, small, medium or large, helps to sustain CeDInCI in this new stage.

What do we need?

• 100 metal shelving modules of 0.90 x 3.30 m.
• 3 metal stairs
• 2 metal files cabinets
• 80 seats for the Auditorium Hall
• 24 chairs
• Network infrastructure
• Audio and sound for the auditorium

• 4 countertops of 2.50 x 0.60 m. for the Seminar Room
• 2 desks of 4 x 1.20 m. for the Archive Room and the Classification Room
• 4 desks of 1.60 x 0.60 m
• 4 glass bookcases for exhibition and storage, 3 m long
• 2 display tables
• Move packaging (boxes, tape, etc.)
• Specialized transportation


Amounts to contribute

U$D 50 3 bubble sheet rolls for packing special items or
1 dynamic microphone with cable.

U$D 100

6 reinforced metal shelves or
the total of cables and supports of the sound system.

U$D 500

1 set of 2 wireless microphones or
2 metal shelving modules.

U$D 1.000

4 countertops for the Seminar Room.

U$D 2.000

1 metal files cabinet + 4 desks.

U$D 3.000

the total of the sound equipment for the Auditorium Hall + 3 metal stairs.

U$D 5.000

2 glass bookcase + 4 countertops for the Seminar Room.

U$D 7.000
the total costs of the move or 2 glass bookcase + 2 metal files cabinets.

U$D 10.000

the total of the seats for the Auditorium Hall.

other amounts